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Our Identity

We are a pioneer Company in the development and production of compound materials made of HONEY COMB STRUCTURE

We are mainly oriented to the automotive sector, our technology is applied to cargo floors and boot trays, as well as other elements of the interior of the vehicle.

Our products stand out for their great structural strength with very little weight.

Our Company

Our facilities in Segovia occupy an area of ​​12,000 m² and are equipped with modern continuous and automated manufacturing lines, to offer high reliability and productivity.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of honeycomb structures, both TIER1 and TIER2. This make us, one of the best options to meet the needs of our customers in design, development and prototyping, from the manufacture to the assembly and delivery of the pieces.

PIn order to continue improving, we invest in important resources for the development and innovation of our composites, with the aim of reducing its weight, increasing its resistance and improving its recyclability.

Our innovation has been and remains one of the fundamental values ​​of the company.

Our culture and values

Our culture is based on people and their definition as a team, which sustains our day to day success. These are the values we work with:

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We always work through an improvement cycle for the efficiency of our process, in order to link our quality level with our competitive prices.

We keep looking for development in new structures, materials and geometries. We are permanent updating R + D + i

We impose two priorities: the safety and health of our people and environmental sustainability.

For us, quality is the core of our way of understanding our work as a response to the client and the environment.

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“We are aware of the position
that occupies the client in our day to day”



We are manufacturers of Composite panels in paper honeycomb structure, which we transform into solutions for the automobile, construction, transport, packaging or graphic arts.

Its advantages are:

  • • Great resistance to bending and compression
  • • Very little weight

Raw and recyclable material (recycled paper and water adhesives).


  • • Dimensional stability
  • • Complex geometries
  • • Customized customer specifications
  • • CAD Design and 3D Prototypes
  • • Different finishes and functionalities
  • • Lightness
  • • Resistance


Auto (AUTO)

This is our most important area. We produce trays, cargo floors and trunk coverings, and interior panels for this sector, all based on polyurethane technology to reinforce the paper core. The result is a very light piece, with very good mechanical properties, capable of withstanding great bending stresses and capable of being manufactured with different geometries, thicknesses and coatings.


You can find our products in:

Graphic Arts (POP)

We produce panels with special quality for Graphic Arts works, with white coated or brown Kraft finishes, which support any type of digital printing, die cutting and plotter cutting. Ideal for the world of printing and manufacturing of POS and Stands. Product certified in chain of custody FSC and PEFC.

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  • • Light Product
  • • Resistant
  • • With a smooth surface for printing
  • • Easy use
  • • Ecológical
artes graficas

Pack (PACK)

  • • Strong, Light, Safe, Ecological and Adaptable.
  • • CAD service for the design of customized trays, allowing maximum optimization of the number of pieces in the shipment and studying each project to develop an effective and efficient design.
  • • We achieve maximum protection of the goods to be transported as a solution to reduce costs and improve the image of the company.
  • • Product certified in chain of custody FSC and PEFC

  • • Conditioning of parts.
  • • Protection of goods.
  • • Separator panels.
  • • Honeycomb pallets.


Build (BUILD)

The Hexapanel, with plasticized finish, is the best option for the realization of lost or disposable formwork. With it an air chamber is created, this one avoids the breakages produced by the expansions that the concrete suffers. Easy to remove by applying continuous water, without generating waste and totally ecological.


R + D + I

Our Research and Development team is constantly searching for innovation to provide our customers with a product that always exceeds the most demanding standards.

In addition to this, our integration allows us to control the entire process, so GRUDEM adapts each of the processes to achieve the best final product.

  • - CATIA Design
  • - CAE simulation
  • - Prototyping
  • - Tooling design
  • - Validation and quality tests


Grudem follows a fully integrated production process (structure, laminate and finishes) that allows controlling the entire process and adapting even better to the needs posed by the customer.

However, we do not stop believing firmly in innovation, research and development to provide innovative and functional solutions, which we make possible on 4 fundamental pillars:

Structural improvement

We use advanced design and calculation tools for the study of geometries, materials and configurations.

Functional improvement

We work on new materials, geometries and processes to give functionality to the piece.

Cargo management and diversification

Based on current solutions, we work on new cargo solutions and product applications.


We carry out projects in the field of recycling and "greening" our product in collaboration with technology centers and universities.

Our Process

Grudem is a fully integrated company from the manufacture of the honeycomb structure, the lamination of the thermoformed composite and application of the final finishes.

This integration allows us to control the entire process and adapt as faithfully as possible to the needs and functionalities required by our customers.


Honeycomb production line

With the capacity to manufacture cells from 8 mm to 21 mm and webs from 10 mm to 100 mm with paper weights from 115 g to 150 g.


Sandwich panel manufacturing with different sizes and thickness finishes. We laminate to our honeycomb structure from fibers, textiles, papers, corks etc., obtaining Composites with different finishes and properties depending on the markets and requirements of necessary customers.

PUR-CSM: PUR Spray Thermoforming

We have several lines for the application of polyurethane in Spray and the final thermoform. We manufacture in several cavities, achieving optimal performance as well as geometric and complex finishes.

Carpeting and Finishes

We have different lines of finishing and carpeting. We apply different materials, both plastic and textile, depending on the customer's requirements. All our processes have a final part-finish control system and components to ensure the quality standards, adjustments and tolerances required.


Would you like to be a part of our team?

We aim to incorporate and develop professionals with the qualifications, experience and commitment necessary to achieve quality solutions.

Why can you be interested in being one of ours?

  • Because we are one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in our field of activity.
  • Because we work on values that you will undoubtedly share: quality, commitment, creativity and sustainability.
  • Because collaboration and improvement are present in our day to day.
  • Because here you can consolidate your professional project and grow together with us towards market leadership.º

If you are interested in being part of our success, and you are willing to join a non-conformist, dynamic and excited R & D team, Grudem is your company.

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Pol. Ind. Nicomedes García
Fresno 91, C.P. 40140
Valverde del Majano
Tel.: +34 921 49 06 84
Fax: +34 921 49 03 54
  • grudem@grudem.com